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15th March 2016

A2 Politics students recently attended a conference at Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) in Bristol, which involved lecturers discussing the current state of American politics. 

Students with Lecturers

Students with Lecturers

Accompanying the lecturers were two former members of Congress, Larry LaRocco (Democrat) and Kenneth B. Kramer (Republican). The group of students were lucky to hear first-hand how these former politicians got into politics and why. They were very honest about their successes and failures and willing to provide their opinions on the current state of American politics, including their views on Donald Trump.

The students found it refreshing to hear first-hand from politicians who did not enter politics for money or fame, but to make a difference to people of their district.  The lectures focused on the role of money in politics, Obama’s presidency and provided an interesting insight into the world of political adverts and whether they make any difference to how Americans vote.