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18th January 2022

Next Wednesday (26th January) is the closing date for UCAS applications for 2022 and students and staff at St Brendan’s are busy finalising and checking forms ahead of the submission deadline. So far nearly 500 students from across the college have applied and offers from universities and higher education establishments across the country are already starting to roll in.

Amongst the many UCAS applicants is Jamie who was delighted to receive an offer last week from Oxford University to study Computer Science.

Jamie who studies Computer Science, Physics, Maths & Further Maths A-levels at St Brendan’s has been made an offer by Balliol College which is one of the oldest Oxford colleges, well known for its high academic standards.

Jamie was able to include some great work experience in his application which he found out about through the weekly updates circulated by the St Brendan’s Careers Team. He secured work experience with GCHQ which included a murder mystery challenge. This was a team work exercise where Jamie and his team mates had to analyse 17 files to solve the case!

Through the college’s Aspire Programme he was also put in touch with Ryan a former St Brendan’s student who is now in his third year at Oxford University studying Computer Science. Ryan helped Jamie prepare for his interview and entry tests.

Hetty Brown, coordinator of St Brendan’s Aspire programme, said, “It’s been a challenging few years for students up and down the country. With remote learning, independent study, and support via online platforms, the achievement of Jamie and all of our students who are currently receiving their offers, is to be highly commended.”

“The students have applied for a huge range of subjects, from Medicine all the way to Medieval Languages! It is really brilliant to see so many who are excelling across different subject areas and hoping to take their studies further.”

She added, “A UCAS application requires dedication to academic studies and a commitment to a significant amount time spent on enrichment outside of the classroom. We are very proud of all of our students for working hard and getting their applications submitted by the UCAS deadline.”