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15th November 2019

42 first year Biologists took on the challenging Biology Olympiad back in June and this week they got their impressive results!

Just some of the award winners

Just some of the award winners

The Royal Society for Biology organises the annual intermediate Olympiad competition to test the knowledge of y12 students. This year 8,282 students from 466 schools took part. Questions are from the first year A-level Biology syllabuses, but this year there were many genetics questions, a topic not covered by the exam board until y13. Despite this, of the 42 students who attempted the intensive 60 question online test, 30 were award winners with eight students achieving medals. Special congratulations to Leoni, Emma, Kathryn, Maddie, Lauren, Madeleine, Maya and Euan. Here’s hoping they can secure medals again in the British Biology Olympiad in January next year!