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26th June 2015

As part of our business coursework we took part in the IFS Student Investor challenge. 

Stock market figures

Stock market figures

With a team consisting of Mahnoor Fatima, Oliwia Cichosz and Kizzy Gardner, we worked hard on the project from October to January. Our task was to earn as much virtual money as we could, by investing in some of the top 100 companies in the UK. We chose to buy shares from selected companies based on their growth and opportunities; receiving dividends depending on how well each company was doing.

Our team reached every decision by thoroughly researching all of the different companies and looking at how they had been doing over the past year; helping us decide if or when we should buy shares. Our portfolio performance increased greatly over the Christmas period resulting in great success; going from the GBP being just above 100,000 in October to above 110,000 by the end of January!

(Article by Mahnoor Fatima, Oliwia Cichosz and Kizzy Gardner)