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11th March 2019

Students and staff came together on Friday to celebrate International Women’s Day!

Throughout the day the St Brendan’s community was challenged to think of the ways in which they will continue to support the development of Women, both in the workplace and society. Male and female, students and staff posed with different statement cards as a way of pledging their support to the very important occasion. Meanwhile, women came together and gathered in the amphitheatre to show support for #balanceforbetter.

Inside of the classrooms, the focus on International Women’s Day was prevalent too. In Spanish, students were busy studying The House of Bernada Alba; a play by Spanish dramatist Federico Garcia Lorca, which centres around women’s injustices. The theme continued in History too, and students enjoyed exploring how women were portrayed in propaganda and media in Soviet Russia from 1920 – 1970.

The support for women in our community will be continuing throughout the month, as the College helps to end Period Poverty. Led by Student Engagement Officer Aseye Negedu, students and staff will be donating sanitary towels and tampons over the next couple of weeks. The donations will be sent to the Trussell Trust charity, who will distribute the, to women who are not fortunate to be able to afford them.