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19th September 2014

In July Jane George (Teacher of Enviromental Studies) and three St Brendan’s students joined with students from Peter Symonds College in Winchester for the trip of a life time to Kenya.

Kenyan Trip

Kenyan Trip

The village of Alara was the base for their stay and the children of Alara were out in force to welcome them after a long journey on very bumpy roads. The students undertook various activities including visiting local schools to hand over gifts that they had brought and to help teach the local pupils.

They also held evening classes for the local pupils who were revising for their secondary school exams. Many of the local children used the school in the evenings to help them study as there was lighting available which many of their homes did not have. It was amazing and humbling to see how much they valued education and the distances they would walk to school, many without shoes.

To see photos and find out more about more about this amazing trip go to /404the travel section of the website.