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1st March 2017

It has been a fantastic year so far, full of great sporting achievement, for St Brendan’s student Alex Williams as she returned from Iceland recently as Silver Medal Winner in the Reykjavik Karate Games! 

Alex with Principal Michael Jaffrain

Alex with Principal Michael Jaffrain

Alex is no stranger to karate success, and has been practising the sport since the age of 4. The Iceland triumph comes just months after her gold medal win in the European Karate Championships in Belgium. Alex is a part of the Wadokai England Karate team; a squad her family cherishes. Since a young age, Alex has been coached by her father Winston Williams, and is joined by her 16 year-old sister Chyna (who also studies at St Brendan’s) in her love for the sport. The young sport star said, “It’s great to be a part of Wadokai England, and part of a family who love Karate too. My Dad is the best coach I could ask for, he knows me so well and really gets the best out of me.”

Naturally, the sixth form student is determined to continue her development in her sport; with her sights set firmly on the 2020 Olympics. Karate is one of five new sports to be introduced to the next Olympic Games taking place in Tokyo. We can’t wait to see what’s next for Alex on her journey towards Tokyo!