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22nd October 2014

This term St Brendan’s language departments ran a very successful language speed dating where students had the opportunity to to learn a few phrases of a selection of languages as well as find out about other countries’ cultures.

Those who were bilingual kindly volunteered to teach the basics such as greetings, your favourite foods, hobbies and even some colloquial slang!

Languages Speed Dating Event

Languages Speed Dating Event

There were a variety of languages taught in College (Spanish, French, German) but also some more unusual options with Portuguese, Polish, Arabic, Greek amongst others. It was extremely interesting to find out about other people’s experiences of living in another country and how their cultures vary from our own. 

It also inspired language students to work hard so that we too can one day reach this level of fluency. Overall everyone had an amazing time and it was great social event to make new friends, eat delicious food at the buffet and, most importantly, discover new languages and cultures.

Juliet Garcia (AS Spanish student)