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4th July 2014

As part of our partnerships with local universities, students Holly Trembeth and Anna Enning recently worked on a project set up by Dr Irene Macías, Language Co-ordinator for Spanish at the University of Bath.

Language Student

Language Student

Dr Macías writes short stories for language development, cultural awareness and self-reflection.  She invited our students to comment on the content, language and characters of the first chapter of her story "Mañana en el instituto" ("Morning at School"). Anna, Holly and their Spanish teacher debated, in Spanish, issues raised in the story such as family development, emotions during adolescence and immigration. They concluded that the story was a good representation of the world and pressures faced by young people in Spain and here. They also discussed political correctness when describing people and words that are confusing in both languages. For the second part of the project, the students sent Dr.Macías suggestions for the continuation of the story. They decided that some topics that would engage readers would be the use of media, falling in love and cultural reconciliation.