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22nd October 2014

On Wednesday 17th September the Musical Theatre students took a trip to the West End to see the world’s longest running Musical, Les Miserables.

The highly acclaimed show will be 30 years old next year and the opportunity for the students to see this production was one not to be missed. An amazing show with stunning revolving stage, incredibly authentic costumes and huge set and scenery was a real spectacle.

As we took our seats in the stalls of the auditorium we knew we were in for a treat as the rousing prologue began the sound from the orchestra pit enveloped us all. The scene is set in 1815, France when living conditions were almost unimaginably bad.

Students in London

Students in London

So close to the stage, you could see the sweat, spit and tears of the performers. In a show which is written like an opera with singing throughout, it had audiences’ emotions running high from the outset. Highlights included the famous musical numbers ‘At the end of the Day’, ‘Stars’ and the hilarious yet grim Thenardier’s ‘Master of the House’ was the first of many humorous moments from the grotesque couple. The first Act closed with the full company singing ‘One Day More’ which culminated in a spectacular ensemble performance of the main musical themes from the first act.

The second act opened with Eponine’s stunning performance of ‘On my own’ as the barricades were built for the French revolution we were transported to a dark and sinister time with many a tragic death and emotive singing in the beautifully moving ‘A little fall of rain’,  ‘Bring him home’ and ‘Empty chairs at Empty tables’. Like all good musicals there is of course a wedding and some jubilation amongst the despair but this didn’t last as all but a handful of the main characters have died and so they appear for the eerily haunting finale as a vision to the audience. It wasn’t all ‘miserable’ though; it concluded with a fantastic reprise of ‘Do you hear the people sing’ followed by a standing ovation throughout the theatre.  Another inspiring trip which the students and staff came away from emotionally exhausted but equally enthused and excited to start work on some songs for future St Brendan’s events! As always the students were a credit to the College.