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24th November 2015

Last week, a group of Media students visited the Watershed to watch ‘Amy’; a film which depicts the life and struggles of singer-songwriter Amy Winehouse. 

The Watershed

The Watershed

Student Luke Dean gave us his thoughts. “This is a spectacularly edited film which truly gets across the emotion of sadness, that sticks with you when you leave. ‘Amy’ reveals the true personal meaning behind Winehouse’s lyrics and makes you want to listen to them all over again, now with a different understanding.

This film, and the trip to the Watershed, has made me want to give more documentaries a chance, even if I know nothing about the subject matter. The film is definitely worth a watch and will result in feelings of understanding and sorrow and make you realise what a talent Amy Winehouse was. The documentary is a soulful piece of work which showcases the astonishing person that was Amy Winehouse.”