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11th May 2017

Just before the Easter Break, after the voting had ended, Student Liaison Offer Mattia Pace announced the names of the students who will make up the 2017/18 Students’ Union Executive Team! 

The 2017/18 SU Team

The 2017/18 SU Team

A huge congratulations to Matthew Allington (President) Justyna Kubinska (Vice President) Maya Deane (Communications Officer) Kitt Burt (EDI Officer) Wiktoria Chrzastowska (Secretary) and Ryan Danvers (Student Governor) who will be working together next year as the new SU.

The group have a lot of hard work and exciting opportunities ahead of them and we can’t wait to see how they get on! The Students’ Union will be working to ensure you enjoy your time here at College and get the most out of your student experience. They are the people to go to if you have suggestions regarding student life and the College community!