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6th May 2016

Anticipation filled the room on Friday, as Mattia Pace announced the names of the students who are to become members of next years’ Students’ Union. 

The new SU

The new SU

After a very interesting hustings session, which showcased the impressive passion of all of the candidates, students had three days to vote. Congratulations to the successful students, who were up against some very tough competition from their peers.

The newly elected candidates, who will take their positions from September are; Moyra Akure (President) Emily Hatter (Vice-President) Cynthia Nchang (EDI Officer) Ashwini Sood (Secretary) Mouattar Cheema (Student Governor) Ru Burroughs (Communications Officer) Benas Vysniauskas (Sport and Enrichment Officer). We look forward to seeing what the Students’ Union can bring to College life next year!