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8th April 2021

A-level Politics students at St Brendan’s were recently joined in their lesson by Baroness Barker, who is a Liberal Democrat member of the House of Lords. 

The virtual visit was part of the Learn with the Lords Online scheme, which aims to give young people a greater understanding of the role of the House of Lords and forward them an opportunity to ask Members questions.

The inquisitive students from St Brendan’s seized the moment and quizzed the Baroness about many current issues including Climate Change, COVID-19, Brexit and LGBT rights. They asked for her opinions on the powers and functions of the House of Lords, and about people she admires and has learned from since becoming a life peer in 1999.

During the discussion that ensued around the Pandemic, Baroness Barker shared that it had taken some Members ‘a while’ to get used to meeting on Microsoft Teams and other such platforms. She said that in her opinion it had however, been worth the pain, because it had made some of the House processes much more efficient, and it is her hope that post-pandemic, these reformed processes stay in place.