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18th January 2019

Brexit…it’s been the word on everybody’s lips for quite some time, and this week A-level Politics students had an opportunity to share their views with the country on a very historic day!

Rachel Younger interviews students

Rachel Younger interviews students

The College was thrilled to welcome ITV News correspondent Rachael Younger to campus on Tuesday, ahead of the so-called “meaningful vote”, to talk to students about their views on Brexit and what they hoped the future will hold for the UK. Rachel and her cameraman captured a Politics lesson in full swing and then interviewed a number of different students to collect their thoughts and feelings on the Brexit deal. With the majority of the class not yet being able to vote, students enjoyed the opportunity to have a voice and stand up for what they believed in. Students spoke eloquently around the subject and impressed Rachel with their knowledge and passion. The visit was a fantastic experience for the class, enabling them to see how short news pieces are filmed so quickly; Rachel had a very busy schedule and had multiple interviews to capture in one day ahead of her ridged deadlines. The interviews were then broadcast on the ITV National News at both 6 and 10 O’clock that evening!