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15th November 2019

Level 2 Public Services students found themselves sitting the other side of the stand this week, as they set up their own careers fair.

The RAF stand

The RAF stand

Taking on the role of a uniformed organisation, the class was challenged to research a specific public service and produce the materials needed for a recruitment stand.

Walking into the room, students represented a range of organisations including the RAF, Navy, Police, Coastguards, Army, Fire Service, Marines and more. The groups of two or three produced informative posters, showed videos and had information leaflets all ready to attract potential ‘recruits’. Stands were visited by fellow peers from Performing Arts, Criminology and Sport classes and visitors voted on the group they felt were the most convincing and most informative.

The session was designed to encourage students to learn more about the range of services and understand the full recruitment process, as well as develop communication skills.