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15th March 2016

On Tuesday 1st March, the second year Public Services Diplmoa students completed a one day hiking expedition to Goblin Combe in North Somerset.

Goblin Combe

Goblin Combe

The group left College early in the morning during torrential rain, but were relieved to see the downpour finish as they stepped off of the bus.

Throughout the walk, the group demonstrated impressive ability and used grid referencing and magnetic compasses to take bearings. The students climbed up onto Cleeve Toot with the intention to compare the shape of the land with how it is depicted on a map – but found themselves in the clouds without a view! Lunch was a very short stop due to cold winds and rain resulting in soggy sandwiches. The biggest challenge which students had to contend with was the terrain; recent rainfall made the ground extremely muddy and a number of hikers found themselves on the ground due to slippery paths!

The day proved to be a very good lesson in safety, route selection and choice of footwear, in advance of the group’s multi-day expedition to Moreton on 21st March.