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20th April 2015

Level 2 and 3 Public Services students recently completed their 3-day expedition in Moreton, Dorset.

The team's raft

The team's raft

The days were full of exciting skill-testing assignments. Day 1 involved navigating around Moreton plantation to collect ‘Top Secret’ information, as well as the teams using basic materials to build their own bivouac shelters which they slept in that night; after completing a 2 hour mission in the dark to break a secret code!

Day 2 was another day of testing work as the students negotiated to set up a zip line into Dorchlandia. The groups also used teamwork to build a raft which enabled them to cross a pond and they discovered their second secret HQ via a blindfold trail. That evening, the teams rescued a casualty from enemy territory.

On day 3 the groups developed their leadership skills through problem-solving tasks, before successfully navigating back to the comfort of the coach. Despite the cold weather, the expedition was a great developmental experience for all.