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15th March 2019

As well as the many daily achievements of St Brendan’s students within the classroom, we love to celebrate the wins and triumphs of students and staff outside of College. This week, we caught up with boxer Elise Lacey…



Alongside studying a full timetable of Public Services, GCSE English and GCSE Maths, Access to Level 3 student Elise is an amateur boxer and has been enjoying the sport for 3 and a half years, training regularly at Skemers Boxing Gym in Knowle West. Waiting for a fight opportunity to arise, Elise suddenly had a chance of a match and just 2 weeks to prepare! She worked hard to push herself to get her fitness and technique together for her fight in Hanham in March. After an impressive amount of dedication and resilience, Elise’s hard work paid off; winning every round! Her triumph was in front of a supportive crowd made up of friends and family who all went along to show their support.

Elise commented, “I felt really proud of myself, I even made my mum tearful and my dad was over the moon with me!”

As for the future, Elise hopes to have another match and is currently looking for somebody in her category. We will keep up to date with Elise’s achievements inside of the ring as she progresses into her second year at St Brendan’s!