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15th June 2018

As the summer begins and the exams start, we look back on two years of success with our Year 13s, who enjoyed their Leavers’ Festival celebrations just before the holidays.

It’s an emotional day filled with pride and awe, as the College community comes together to celebrate the hard work of the students and staff of St Brendan’s. This year we say goodbye to some incredibly ambitious students, who have grown so much during their time with us.

Each year, Levers’ Fest welcomes a range of students come up on stage to be awarded with certificates and applause for their hard work as a St Brendan’s student. Nominated by their teachers, award winners never fail to have incredible stories and impressive future plans.

Amongst this years’ award winners was Ryan Danvers. Ryan came to St Brendan’s after studying his GCSEs at Colston’s School. Here he has studied English Language, Mathematics, Biology and Chemistry and is a part of the Advanced Graduate Programme (AGP). He won awards from the Maths & Science faculty and was titled AGP Student of the Year. Ryan has collected some incredible achievements since his time at College, namely applying to study Medicine at 5 different Russell Group Universities and being offered conditional places at all of them – an amazing and rare achievement! Spoilt for choice, Ryan has accepted his conditional offer to study at the University of Oxford and we couldn’t be happier for him!

Student Bauma Kabibi stood alongside Ryan as a Leavers’ Award Winner and as Student of the Year 2018. Bauma was celebrated for her incredible determination, positivity and resilience throughout her time at College, in the face of hugely distressing and traumatic experiences in her life outside of College. Bauma inspired and amazed her friends, teachers and support staff throughout her time at St Brendan’s and is going on to university to become a nurse!

We wish all of our students the best of luck in their A-level exams and BTECs and look forward to celebrating when their hard works pays off on results day!