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24th November 2015

Last week, our very own Sophie Giltinan spoke in the House of Commons, during the UK Youth Parliament meeting! The A2 student told us what is involved with being a member of Youth Parliament.

UK Youth Parliament

UK Youth Parliament

“Working together to combat racism and religious discrimination, particularly against people who are Muslim or Jewish’, has been chosen as the UK Youth Parliament’s national campaign for the next year, with Mental Health being chosen as its priority campaign for England.These motions were two of five debated by the UK Youth Parliament in the House of Commons chamber on Friday 13th November.

Members of Youth Parliament are the only people, alongside MPs, permitted to sit on those famous green benches in the chamber of the House of Commons. As one of the Members of Youth Parliament for Bristol, I was invited to attend the debate.

With over 300 members, not everyone can have the chance to speak. Fortunately, I was given the opportunity to speak on the topic of Living Wage (I think my blue hair might have caught the eye of the speaker!)”

You can watch the debate on BBC iPlayer or