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19th November 2014

This month eight St Brendan's Modern Foreign Language students attended the "Spotlight into Languages" workshop at the University of Bath. 

They attended two workshops of their choice, ranging from discussions on the European Union and French national identity to taster courses in Italian and Arabic.  Bade Pinrinc, a student of French and Spanish says that the event helped her to focus on what she wants to study at University. Stirling Dresman really enjoyed the talk on "Where to for the EU?" as it combined his passion for Politics with his interest in Spanish.  

The focus of the event was on the importance of studying languages as a means to increase employment prospects: 72% of businesses - ranging from financial investment to internet fraud research - value the skills acquired through foreign language learning as well as knowledge of the language itself. Many universities, like Bath, offer combined degrees, and you can take a language from scratch – for more information visit St Brendan's Modern Foreign Language Department.