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20th April 2016

A group of St Brendan’s scientists enjoyed a very extraordinary workshop this week, as they handled gifts from astronaut Tim Peake! 

Which one is which?

Which one is which?

St Brendan’s has joined hundreds of Schools and Colleges across the UK to take part in an experiment, which aims to discover the effects of weightlessness and radiation on seeds. The British astronaut took rocket seeds to space with him over six months ago and sent them back to earth recently via the former commander of the space station, Scott Kelly for the experiments to take place.

The St Brendan’s students planted the seeds and will be tracking their progress over the next five weeks, to discover the differences between the space and earth seeds. The packets were simply labelled ‘blue’ and ‘red’, so the students have no idea which seeds are which! The students’ experiment will help towards the development of plant varieties that can be grown on long space missions!