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21st August 2017

Feelings of anticipation quickly turned to triumph on Thursday, as over 600 of our students collected their A-level results. St Brendan’s Sixth Form College is the largest post-16 centre in the Bristol-Bath-South Gloucestershire region and we successfully supported 657 students through their A-levels this summer. 

Students collect their results

Students collect their results

This year, the St Brendan’s A-level pass rate across the whole cohort is 97%, with the 141 students on the College’s Advanced Graduate Programme achieving an impressive 99.1% pass rate. St Brendan’s provides students with a huge choice of 47 different A-level courses, and this year 23 of those subjects are boasting a 100% pass rate.

The College has embraced Government directive and has moved many of its A-levels to the new, more rigorous linear format. 13 of the College’s A-levels have so far made the change from the traditional to the new linear format. With no past papers to aid in teaching and previous experience to reference, College staff have worked tirelessly to ensure the transition has been smooth for their students; and the outcome has been a fantastic set of linear results!  All 13 linear subjects performed well and more than half of the A-level students taking Chemistry, Computer Science, Sociology and Textiles gained A*-B grades.

St Brendan’s Principal Michael Jaffrain commented on how the College dealt with the transition to linear A-levels “I am thrilled with how our teachers and students have handled the dramatic change to the more rigorous linear style. Our results are outstanding and highlight the brilliant quality in teaching at St Brendan’s. Here at the College we have subject experts teaching our students and their hard work and dedication has transpired in our first set of linear results. Our quality teaching has not only prepared our students well for their future, but has also demonstrated how we as a College are well prepared for our future as the biggest linear A-level provider in the city.” 

The College’s success wasn’t just in linear A-level’s however; St Brendan’s ensured teaching on the traditional A2 courses was as strong as ever, with 14 A2 subjects achieving 100% pass rates.

An impressive number of the 17-18 year olds have excelled in all of their respective subjects and 22 of them are toasting the fact that they have been awarded A*s or A grades for three or more of their A-level subjects.

This year, a large number of St Brendan’s students are off to top Russell Group Universities. Ana Marchant is one of the St Brendan’s students who will become Oxford Undergraduates this year. Ana will be studying English Language and Literature after receiving her fantastic results today of 3 As and an A*. Joining Ana at Oxford is Mohammad Kordzanganeh, who will be studying Physics at the highly prestigious university this year after joining the College as an international student from Iran.

Chloe Staniland is another St Brendan’s star. Chloe worked hard to achieve an A* in Biology, Chemisty and her Extended Project Qualification, as well as an A in Mathematics. Chloe looks forward to studying Medicine at the University of Exeter this year.

Another successful scientist is Josh Bonacorsi, who studied Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science and Psychology. Josh will be going on to Newcastle University to study Biochemistry in September.

Not all St Brendan’s students will be packing their bags and heading to university however. A large number of students have successfully secured Apprenticeships with top firms across the country. Mason Bean is looking forward to starting on the Deloitte BrightStart programme for Financial Services this year, whilst his peer Alice Gilbert will be starting with the housing association group Curo.

Meanwhile, Tommy Matthews has alternative future plans. Tommy achieved an impressive set of straight As across his subjects. However, Tommy plans to take two years out of education to concentrate on his passion of rock climbing. The ambitious teen will be preparing to be part of the England Olympic team in 2020.