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19th November 2018

Climbing through trees, avoiding explosions, rescuing a fellow comrade; all whilst in enemy territory – just another day for the Public Services class!

Students rescue a comrade

Students rescue a comrade

The group of first year Public Services students arrived in class recently to find they had an emergency mission to contend with. Faced with a troubling situation of being out on deployment and their helicopter grounding in enemy territory, the teams of ‘Haigh Regiment 2018’ had to work together to make it safely back to their relief helicopter, with one injured member of the group to save!

The imaginative mission (all completed within St Brendan’s grounds!) was designed to develop the students’ classroom learning. Enabling them to experience thinking on their feet and dealing with emergency situations, the groups had to work together to complete the mission safely.

St Brendan’s offers a range of Public Services courses to students, including an Access to Level 3 programme and Level 3 options. Students on the course discover what it’s like to be a part of the armed force as well as learning more about the British Police force and emergency services.