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29th November 2019

Religious Studies students attended an insightful conference this week which investigated the role of women in religion.

Key Speakers

Key Speakers

The group were joined by other A-level students from the city and gathered at St Dunstan’s Church in Keynsham.

Throughout the afternoon, the large group of over 60 students heard from three different women from Christian, Muslim and Jewish communities. Each guest speaker shared ideas from their own religion and how their scriptures and community perceive the role of women. The insightful presenters went on to share how they felt personally about the representation of women in their own religion. Religions Studies first year student Cleo commented “I was very informative and a great way to gain insight into how women can be both discriminated against but also respected.”

After a lunch break, the group gathered again for an Q&A session and students were able to ask questions directly to one of the speakers of to the three of them as a whole. Cleo explained “There were loads of intellectual questions, for example, questioning their views on antisemitism. The speakers always responded respectfully and with amazing knowledge.”