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25th January 2019

Back in November, three Physics students took on the challenge of the British Physics Olympiad Round 1 and this week, the students celebrated their impressive results.

Physics teacher Christi with the winners

Physics teacher Christi with the winners

The British Physics Olympiad is a national competition, which is the ultimate in rigour – it tests students ability to problem solve, whist stretching them to answer real problems.  Students start preparing for this in their first year of A-levels with the AS Challenge, then in September of their second year they participate in the A2 Challenge.  The steadfast and keen students then make it to Round 1, where in November they sit two papers which take a total of 5 hours to complete!

This year three students participated in Olympiad Round 1 and all received recognition.  Hugh Barrett and Don Joseph received a Bronze Award whilst Krystian Kosciuszko a commendation! Congratulations to all three students for their hard work and determination. We hope to see these students inspire their first year peers to take on the challenge when the time comes.

The British Physics Olympiad is highly regarded by universities and businesses alike and is sponsored by a number of well-recognised companies and organisations including Oxford University, Rolls Royce, University of Cambridge and the Royal Astronomical Society. Sitting the papers is fantastic experience for the students and something they can discuss during university interviews and UCAS applications.