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18th March 2019

A group of 30 Geography students travelled to Cornwall this month, where they were able to explore the world’s climate!

Students in the Rainforest

Students in the Rainforest

Travelling to the popular Eden Project, students spent two days exploring the two enormous biomes, which are full of plants collected from a huge range of climates and environments from across the globe.

The students began their journey into the world’s environments by exploring the Rainforest Biome; discussing concepts including biodiversity, conservation, climate change, carbon sinks, ecosystem services and trade. Whilst there, students were fascinated by the ‘Weather Maker’ exhibition which demonstrates the carbon and water cycle of the Tropical Rainforest.

Whilst travelling through rainforest, right in the heart of Cornwall, there was an overarching discussion around the impact of humans on ecosystems and the devastating consequences of deforestation.

After an evening of dinner and activities, the group woke early to enjoy another morning of exploration. Before heading off home, students were immersed in an insightful workshop delving into the world of Rural Rebranding; understanding the Eden Project as a working example of managing rural change.

After lunch, students were able to explore the project freely and enjoyed taking a trip across to the Western Australia Garden, Mediteranian Biome and Invisible Worlds Exhibition before heading back to College!