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13th May 2015

This week's WoW Wednesday focused on University and discussed all that should be considered when choosing which courses to take where. Firstly, Moj Taylor from PUSH (the leading independent guide to Universities) delivered an entertaining talk about his experiences at Uni. 

WoW Wednesday

WoW Wednesday

Moj reflected on what he wished he had considered when choosing his University; aside from the attractive prospectus!  The students then heard from Claire Fraser from the University of Exeter, who talked about the fantastic opportunities to interact with leading researchers, professors, and lecturers; something which Higher Education provides daily. Finally, Sam Wenman, from the University of Bath, talked to the students. Sam spoke about the amazing opportunities there are for students to participate in summer schools, taster days and master classes, which are not only fantastic fun but are also great ways of demonstrating enthusiasm for subjects on those important personal statements!