Student Absence Line

Reporting Student Absences

Unplanned Absences

If students absences are not planned (i.e. Unwell, Emergency Doctors Appointment), then ideally Parent/Carers are required to report it to the dedicated absence line or email address ideally by 9am each day of the absence.

 Absence Line Number: 0117 9710849     

Absence Email Address:

 It is important that the details below are provided when reporting an absence:

  • Student Name
  • Student ID Number
  • Reason for Absence

 (If a Parent/Carer are unable to report the absence then it is expected the student will self-report the absence, to make sure college is aware they will not be in – it is also the student’s responsibility to contact their teachers to ask for worked missed.)

 Leaving College during the Day

If a student needs to leave College during the day and still has lessons that they should be attending, then they must sign out with the Attendance Officer in B24 and complete a Sign Out Form

 Planned Absences

If a student’s absence is known about in advance (i.e. University Open Day, Hospital Appointment), then the student needs to report it to the Attendance Officer in B24 before the absence takes place. The student will be asked to complete an Absence Request Form and need to provide evidence for some absences. Parent/Carers can also report planned absences by sending an email to

Holiday during term time

Student holiday during term time is not permitted at St Brendan’s Sixth Form College. Therefore, College policy for all students is in line with schools, and no holiday can be authorised in term time and there could be charged for taking a student out during term time.

If a student does have a holiday booked, then the parents or carers must request the absence in writing to the Principal. An email can be sent to and the following details included, reason for holiday including the country of the holiday and dates the student will be absent from college.