Definition of Terms

There are a range of different acronyms used within the Learnng Development team. You will find the definitions below.

Key contact: Jon Davy

CIC - Children in Care - A child who is being looked after by their local authority is known as a child in care. They might be living:

  • With foster parents
  • At home with their parents under the supervision of social services
  • In residential children's homes
  • Other residential settings like schools or secure units.

They might have been placed in care voluntarily by parents struggling to cope. Or, children's services may have intervened because a child was at significant risk of harm.

Key Contact: Ruth Clinch 

EHCP - Education Health Care Plan- This means that students have a statement of Special Educational Needs or a new Education Health Care Plan. This is a legal document that states the diagnosed needs of the student and the support the school must put in place to meet their needs.

HNF - High Needs Funding-supports provision for pupils and students with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) from their early years to 25.

K - SEND Support- These students have been recognised because their needs require specific differentiation and/or external services will be involved.

TUF - Top up Funding-If a school requires funding that goes beyond the maximum £6,000 to provide a pupil’s special educational provision, then depending on the assessed needs of the pupil concerned, the LA will provide the required funding from the LA’s high needs block.