Student Life

Students at St Brendan’s find that there are many differences between their old school and their learning environment today. 

Overall, St Brendan’s encourages students to become independent learners; providing more freedom than school, but ensuring you have enough support along the way.

The College wants all students to achieve their full potential whilst having an enjoyable post-16 experience. The main differences between school and St Brendan’s are:

  • All students are 16 – 18; there are no younger students, everything is designed to fit the needs of young adult learners
  • Everybody is in the same position – when starting at St Brendan’s, all students are in the same boat, with many students not knowing anybody! St Brendan’s takes students from all across Bristol and Bath, so there’s plenty of opportunity to make new friends
  • No uniform – students can wear their own clothes to College
  • No school bells – you’re in charge of managing your time and being punctual
  • Free periods – your timetable will not be full of classes. You will have ‘free study periods’ throughout the week. During this time, you can leave campus but you are encouraged to catch up on your studies, take up enrichment opportunities and socialise too!
  • Specialist teachers – Teachers only teach their own subject which they are specialists in, and are experts in teaching 16 – 18 year olds
  • Facilities – a larger campus with state-of-the-art facilities similar to universities
  • Enrichment – there’s lots of enrichment opportunities here at College which you wouldn’t find at school. From Civil Rights Group and Debate Club to PRIDE, Book Club and Sports teams; there’s a lot to get involved with