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College Coaches

We currently offer five college coach routes to provide transport from some of the areas where public bus services are less convenient. In the summer we will contact new students by email with more information about the coach service for the academic year 2022-23. Applications for coach places will open in August 2022. 


The annual cost of the college coach in 2021-22 is 9 payments of £80. The first payment should be made by bank transfer in the summer to secure your place. The remaining payments will be due monthly by Direct Debit starting at the beginning of October. We will use the same Direct Debit instruction that you have been asked to complete for your college deposit. Your place will be reserved for the whole academic year. The amount the college pays to the coach company is fixed so we ask students to commit to the place for the year and pay the full 9 instalments. 

A bursary may be available for students living in a household where earnings are less than £27,000 per year, if you are unsure please contact me for more information.

How to apply 

Current students can apply at any time, please contact We will open applications to new students in the summer, we will email you with more information, you could also check back here for updates. 

In the case of financial hardship, assistance may be available from the 16 - 19 Bursary.

The routes for 2021/22 are:

Route 1: Yate, Chipping Sodbury, Westerleigh

  1. The Swan, Badminton Road  07:35
  2. Station Road/Longs Drive  07:38
  3. Cranleigh Court Road/Windsor Drive  07:39
  4. Goose Green Way/Wellington Hill  07:40
  5. Goose Green Way/Peg Hill  07:42
  6. Goose Green Way/Mercier Close  07:45
  7. The Ridge, Bowling Hill  07:50
  8. The Boot, Chipping Sodbury  07:57
  9. Heron Way/Mallard Close  07:59
  10. Heron Way/Kestral Way  08:01
  11. Rodford Way/Dovecote  08:03
  12. Rodford Way/Chargrove (Abbotswood) 08:05
  13. The Old Post Office, Westerleigh 08:10
  14. St Brendan's Sixth Form College

Route 2: Winterbourne, Coalpit Heath, Blackhorse, Emersons Green, Mangotsfield

  1. The George and Dragon, Winterbourne  07:40
  2. The Swan, Winterbourne High Street  07:44
  3. Church Road/Western Avenue   07:47
  4. Church Road/Rycroft Road   07:49
  5. Watermore School, Church Road  07:52
  6. St Saviours Church, Coalpit Heath  07:55
  7. Blackhorse Lane/The Trident  08:00
  8. Blackhorse Road/Jubilee Crescent  08:02
  9. Blackhorse Road/The Laurels   08:04
  10. Mangotsfield School, Rodway Hill  08:07
  11. St Brendan’s Sixth Form College
Route 2

Route 2

Route 3: Bromley Heath, Downend, Staple Hill, Speedwell, Hanham (Service due to be replaced from September 2022 with First Bus service SB2)

  1. The Willy Wicket, Badminton Road   08:00
  2. Badminton Road/Westbourne Road   08:05
  3. Andrews Estate Agents, Downend   08:08
  4. Victoria Street shops    08:13
  5. Portcullis, Staple Hill High Street  08:15
  6. High Street/Pendennis Road   08:17
  7. Forest Road/Bexley Road   08:20
  8. China Chef, Lodge Causeway   08:25
  9. Charlton Road/New Queen Street    08:29
  10. Bryants Hill, Hanham    08:33
  11. Lidl, Hanham High Street   08:35
  12. St Brendan’s Sixth Form College
Route 3

Route 3

Route 4: Horfield, Patchway, Bradley Stoke, Stoke Gifford, Frenchay, Stapleton, Fishponds

  1. A38 Muller Road - top bus stop 07:20
  2. Filton Road, Horfield 07:25
  3. The Grove/Holy Family Church, Patchway 07:35
  4. Aztec West Roundabout   07:40
  5. Patchway Brook Roundabout  07:42
  6. Bradley Stoke Leisure Centre  07:43
  7. Webbs Wood, Bradley Stoke Way  07:45
  8. Metro bus stop on Great Stoke Way (before roundabout at Parkway Road) 07:46
  9. Stoke Lane, Stoke Park 07:50
  10. Frenchay Park Road  07:51
  11. Stapleton Bell Hill 07:55
  12. St Brendan’s Sixth Form College
Route 4

Route 4

Route 5 - Pucklechurch, Wick and Warmley

1. The Fleur de Lis, Pucklechurch 08:15

2. Naishcombe Hill/Parkers Avenue, Wick 08:20

3. Wick Primary School 08:21

4. The Griffin, London Road, Warmley 08:25

5. Baden Road bus stop, oppsosite Tesco Esso Garage, Warmley 08:27

These services operate at the beginning and end of the college day, arriving at St Brendan's by 08:50am and departing at 16:10.

Our aim is that these routes serve our students in the best way possible - if you have any suggestions for improvements please email:

The College is open for students on 185 days in an academic year and we provide all coaches everyday, and so the charges are based on this. Places are offered on the understanding that students will use the service for the full year. However, if circumstances should change, i.e. moving house, please contact the Transport Officer in writing. We require one full calendar months notice to cancel the service and payment will be due for the notice period.

"No Pass means No travel"

In order to increase security we are adopting the practice used by many other Colleges, passes must be shown for all travel. Students unable to show a college photo id travel pass will not be allowed to board, as would happen on public transport. There will be no exceptions to the rule "NO PASS MEANS NO TRAVEL."

Allocation of Places on College Transport:

If demand for College Transport is higher than the places available, we will apply agreed admissions criteria to prioritise and the decisions of the College will be final in interpreting and applying these criteria. The right is reserved to refuse, or withdraw, a place for disciplinary or other reasons.

For more information please contact:  
St Brendan's Sixth Form College,
Broomhill Road,
Bristol BS4 5RQ.
Tel: 01179 777766