College Coaches

The College coaches provide transport from areas where public bus services are limited.

The charge for the use of College transport during this year (2018/19) will be 9 monthly payments of £82.00 by bank/building society standing order commencing in September 2018 and concluding in May 2019.

In the case of financial hardship, further assistance may be available from the 16 - 19 Bursary. Further details of this fund are available from Julie Shephard, the Bursary Fund and College Transport Manager.

Current routes are:

Route 1 (Downend, Staple Hill, Soundwell, Warmley)

  • Junc. Badminton Road / Westbourne Road, Downend
  • Outside Andrews Estate Agents, Badminton Road, Downend
  • Bus stop by shops, Soundwell Road, Staple Hill (Near Staple Hill Traffic Lights)
  • Junc. Soundwell Road / Church Road, Soundwell (Bus stop @ Turnpike Pub)
  • Bus stop between Pine Wood / Stanton Close, New Cheltenham Road, Soundwell
  • Bus stop opposite the old Made Forever public house, bottom of New Cheltenham Road
  • Tenniscourt Road, bus stop by Kings Oak Academy, Warmley
  • St Brendan's Sixth Form College

Route 2 (Yate, Coalpit Heath, Winterbourne)

  • Goose Green Way, just after pedestrian crossing, near to Wellington Road, Yate
  • Goose Green Way, close to junc. Pegg Hill, Yate
  • Goose Green Way, adjacent to Mercier Way, Yate
  • Station Road, opposite Cranleigh Court Road, Yate
  • Badminton Road, opposite Swan Pub, Nibley, Yate
  • Badminton Road, opposite Church Road, Coalpit Heath
  • Badminton Road, opposite Bell Road, Coalpit Heath
  • Badminton Road, opposite Station Road, Coalpit Heath
  • Bus stop at Kendleshire Junction, Badminton Road / Ruffet Road, Winterbourne
  • St Brendan's Sixth Form College

Route 3 (Corsham, Chippenham, North Wraxall, Marshfield, Wick, Bridgeyate)

  • Hare & Hounds, Pickwick, Corsham
  • Sainsburys bus stop, Chippenham
  • The Hungry Horse, Rowden Hill, Chippenham
  • The Bridge, Chippenham
  • Woodlands Road, Chippenham (at junction with Marshfield Road, opposite football ground)
  • Lay-by in middle of village, Ford, North Wraxall
  • Turbo Jection, The Shoe, North Wraxall
  • Outside Doctors surgery, Tormarton Road, Marshfield
  • Junction A420 / Oldbury Lane
  • Rose & Crown, High Street, Wick
  • Lay by opposite Wick Primary School, Wick
  • Bridgeyate at bus stop opposite The Griffin Pub
  • St Brendan's Sixth Form College

Route 4 (Kingswood, Hanham Oldland Common, North Common, Cadbury Heath, Longwell Green)

  • Junction Hanham Road / Court Road, Kingswood
  • Outside NatWest Bank, Hanham
  • Stonehill, on A431 at Barrs Court, Hanham (bus top just before the traffic light turn into trading estate)
  • Junction of North Street / Clover lea, Oldland Common
  • Junction of Mill Lane / Poplar Road, North Common
  • Bus stop adjacent to King William Pub, Cadbury Heath Road
  • Bus stop close to the junction on Cadbury Heath Road / Wraxall Road, Longwell Green
  • Junction Parkwall Road, Stephens Drive, Longwell Green
  • Junction Bath Road / Watsons Road, Longwell Green
  • St Brendan's Sixth Form College

Route 5 (Bradley Stoke, Downend, Emersons Green, Mangotsfield)

  • Junction of Braydon Avenue and Little Stoke Lane, Bradley Stoke
  • Outside Sports Centre, Fiddlers Wood Lane, Bradley Stoke
  • Westerleigh Road / Emerson Way Junction, Downend
  • By Vets opposite Mill House Pub, Emersons Green
  • Blackhorse Road Layby, Downend
  • Outside Mangotsfield Secondary School, Mangotsfield
  • Bus stop on Carsons Road, near junction with Elizabeth Way, Mangotsfield
  • St Brendan's Sixth Form College

Route 6 (Filton, Horfield, Eastville, Lodge Causeway, Fishponds)

  • Bus stop outside Caspian Fish Bar, Gloucester Road North
  • Bus stop close to Darnley Avenue, Muller Road, Horfield
  • Bus stop outside old bus depot, Muller Road, Horfield
  • Bus stop at junction wit Kirtlington Road, Glenfrome Road, Eastville
  • Bus stop outside Stapleton Baptist Church, Broom Hill
  • Bus stop outside ALD Automotive, Lodge Causeway, Fishponds
  • Bus stop outside China Chef, Lodge Causeway, Fishponds
  • St Brendan's Sixth Form College

Route 7 (Chipping Sodbury, Yate, Westerleigh, Pucklechurch)

  • Boot Inn, Horse Street, Chipping Sodbury
  • Heron Way, opposite Mallard Close, Yate
  • Heron Way, opposite Kestrel Close, Yate
  • Rodford Way, opposite Dovecote, Yate
  • Rodford Way, opposite Chargrove, Yate
  • Bus stop opposite the Old Post Office, Westerleigh
  • Newsagent opposite Fleur De Lys, Pucklechurch
  • St Brendan's Sixth Form College


Students and the College Transport

Students and the College Transport

In order to increase security and to avoid drivers being pressurised to accept travellers without passes, we are adopting the practice used by many other Colleges, that passes must be shown for all travel. Students unable to show a college photo id travel pass will not be allowed to board, as would happen on public transport. There will be no exceptions to the rule "NO PASS MEANS NO TRAVEL."

The College is open for students on 185 days in an academic year and we provide all coaches everyday, and so the charges are based on this. Places are offered on the understanding that students will use the service for the full year. However, if circumstances should change, i.e. moving house, please contact the Transport Officer in writing. Cancellation of payment simply to allow for a change of mode of transport cannot be accepted.

Allocation of Places on College Transport:

If demand for College Transport is higher than the places available, we will apply agreed admissions criteria to prioritise and the decisions of the College will be final in interpreting and applying these criteria. The right is reserved to refuse, or withdraw, a place for disciplinary or other reasons.

How to Apply for a Transport Place:

Contact the Transport Officer, for a form

Julie Shephard,
St Brendan's Sixth Form College,
Broomhill Road,
Bristol BS4 5RQ.
Tel: 01179 777766

The first day of College Transport will be on Tuesday 4th September 2018 for all new students and Wednesday 5th September 2018 for all returning students.