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South Gloucestershire Bus

In summer 2019 we worked with First to introduce a brand new public bus service  for our students from South Gloucestershire. 

The SB1 runs from Monday to Friday every day in term time on the following route:

Click here for more information about First Bus services to St Brendan's

SB1 Bus Stops

Morning Afternoon
Alma Road St Brendan's Sixth Form College
Pinewood Emery Road
Dawn Rise Brislington House
Brook Road Hicks Gate
Fussell Court Woodward Drive
Kingswood Library The Crown
Civic Centre Palmdale Close
Orchard Road Burney Way
Russell Avenue Fairoaks
Pettigrove Road California Road
Mounthill Road Tapsters
Hollyguest Road Stephens Drive
Cock Road Chapel Hampton Close
Westons Way Newton Road Shops
Ashford Way Park Road
Gleneagles Road Tower Road South
Tower Road South Gleneagles Road
Park Road Ashford Way
Newton Road Shops Westons Way
Hampton Close Cock Road Chapel
Stephens Drive Hollyguest Road
Tapsters Mounthill Road
California Road Pettigrove Road
Fairoaks Russell Avenue
Burney Way Orchard Road
Palmdale Close Civic Centre
The Crown Kingswood Library
Woodward Drive Fussell Court
Hicks Gate Brook Road
Brislington House Dawn Rise
Emery Road Pinewood
St Brendan's Sixth Form College Alma Road

SB1 Times


Service Number SB1 Time
Alma Road 07:45
Hollyguest Road 07:57
Newton Road Shops 08:07
The Crown 08:18
St Brendan's Sixth Form College 08:33


Service Number SB1 Time
St Brendan's Sixth Form College 16:10
The Crown 16:25
Newton Road Shops 16:36
Hollyguest Road 16:46
Alma Road 16:58