I like the sense of responsibility I gained from going to St Brendan’s.

At my old school everything was so rigorous and planned that you felt you couldn’t really be yourself and do things your own way. In Brendan’s I feel I have a lot more freedom and that I have a closer bond with teachers which makes learning and coping with A-levels a lot easier.

Teachers here understand people learn in different ways and are always willing to give you resources and help to allow you to achieve your best. I’ve made a lot of new friends here and I will certainly miss the social side of college. You get a lot of free time compared to school but if you use it effectively it can make life a lot easier and allow you to spend a lot of time with friends on weekends and evenings. I would definitely recommend moving to St Brendan’s instead of staying on with your current school.

Being part of the Advanced Graduate Programme has helped me prepare for university whilst also helping me cope with A- levels. 

Being in the AGP allowed me to have master classes in Economics, which I'm going on to do at uni and this helped not only my knowledge but my application for uni. I liked the fact the AG programme challenged me and helped me with uni.

It also allowed me to organise mock interviews for my Oxford interview as well as actually giving me a thorough understanding of Oxford life. I am going to do Economics & Finance at Exeter University and having not studied Economics before, the AG programme certainly helped me get in.

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