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This course is for students who have gained a grade 7 at GCSE Mathematics. It is taught across 2 subject blocks and leads to two qualifications; A-level Mathematics and A-level Further Mathematics. 

Course content

The Further Mathematics A-level will comprise a combination of pure mathematics, mechanics and decision mathematics.

  • Core topics include: Complex Numbers, Proof by Induction, Vector geometry, Calculus, Volumes of revolution, Polar coordinates , Hyperbolic Functions and Differential equations.
  • Mechanics applications include: Momentum and Impulse, Work ,Energy and Power, Elastic Energy , Elastic collisions in 1 dimension and Elastic collisions in 2 dimensions,.
  • Decision mathematics applications include: Algorithms and graph , Algorithm on graphs, Linear programming, and Critical path analysis.

Methods of Teaching and Learning

The course is taught by well qualified and experienced staff. Students will use computers with the mathematical packages Autograph, Desmos, Geogebra and Excel (amongst others) to help with investigations. The graphical calculator is also used as a teaching tool and is intended to make students independent and confident learners. Students are expected to do a substantial amount of revision and practice outside the classroom.

Methods of Assessment

Both A-level courses are assessed by written examinations taken in May/June of the second year. There are no assessed coursework elements in these courses.


All students will need to have access to the course textbooks. These are available to purchase or there will be an option to have access to the online version for a small fee. Details of this will be available once the student is enrolled. The College library is well stocked with other Mathematics books, and students are encouraged to use online resources as appropriate. Students will need an advanced scientific or graphical calculator for this course and these can be purchased by the student or are available to hire from the mathematics department. Advice will be given on choosing an appropriate calculator during induction.


We offer support for students taking the Maths Challenge, STEP Maths and the Advanced Extension Award for Maths. This support is aimed at students capable of achieving A/A* in Maths and/or Further Maths. Oxford, Imperial, Warwick universities require an entrance exam for students wanting to study Maths, which is the MAT exam. We also offer support for the TMUA paper. These are sat in November of the second year and we will do some preliminary work with students towards the end of the first year with assignments to be completed over the summer. In the past, we have run Erasmus+ trips where mathematics students visit and collaborate with students from other European countries including Slovakia, Poland, Greece and Turkey.

Additional Costs

Students will be expected to have a graphical calculator which can be hired from the mathematics department for £30 for their two years of study or purchased separately for an approximate cost of £55-60. Students are also encouraged to have a scientific calculator. Alternatively students can purchase the Casio Classwiz. Students are also required to pay £7.50 for access to the full suite of online textbooks. Alternatively students may wish to purchase the Further Maths textbooks for the course at a cost of about £80.

What's Next

Students have gone on to university to study Mathematics, Computing, Sciences, Accounting, Finance, Engineering, Economics, Law, Medicine and Education. Many students studying Maths have gone on to top Russell Group universities.

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