Reporting Student Absences

All students should be attending college regularly and engaging with expectations of remote learning (if on a remote week).

If a student is unable to attend college then all their absences do need to be reported correctly to college. (If using a moblie device please click the Black Menu Bar for more information)

If you need to report an absence due to COVID-19 please complete THIS FORM. The information provided must be accurate as college works with PHE and DfE.

If the absence is unplanned (i.e. Unwell, Emergency Doctors Appointment), then preferably Parent/Carers are required to report the absence. Unplanned Absence Form

If a student’s absence is known about in advance (i.e. University Open Day, Hospital Appointment), then the student will need to report the absence. Planned Absence Form (only students can complete this) 

If student needs to leave college early they will need to complete the correct form. Parents will be called if a student is unwell and is making their way home. Sign Out Form - Any student that develops COVID-19 symptoms at college will be taken to the isolation room to wait for collection; parents will be contacted to collect the student urgently.

Absences related to COVID-19 please read the document below and follow the correct process. We expect to be informed of all confirmed cases, test results and possible symptoms that require a self-isolation period.

Attendance Expectation 2020-2021 COVID-19 Amendment (Dec Update)