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Reporting Student Absences

All students should be attending college regularly and meeting college expectations.

Students or Parents/Carers are required to report all absences be it authorised or unauthorised to College for safeguarding purposes. 

Absences should be reported each day, preferably before 9am or in advance if the absence is known about.

  • To report you are leaving College early, you must go to Reception or C5 (Academic Mentor Office) and complete a sign out form in person (DO NOT USE THE OTHER FORMS TO SIGN OUT AS YOUR ABSNECE WILL NOT BE RECORDED AS REPORTED CORRECTLY)
  • To report a Planned Absence, CLICK HERE (only Students can use this form).

For more information about Attendance at St Brendan’s or about the different Absence Forms please select from the menu bar on the left side. (If using a mobile device please click the Black Menu Bar)