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Hi, we're the Students' Union here at St Brendan's and we aim to make your life easier.

We're the people to look for to get your message across; whether it's any questions you have or activities you want to make happen.

The management genuinely cares about student life, which is why we’re here to keep them informed and help you to have a bit of fun when you’re not dealing with mountains of homework (which is an unfortunate side effect of getting a good education).

Throughout the year we’ll be organising College parties, gigs, charity events and anything else we feel is needed; we’ll see where our imagination takes us!

If you ever want to talk to us around College go ahead, we don't bite. Email us at or leave us a message with the Student Liaison Officer.

See you around College, and we look forward to meeting you!

President - Harry Keaveney
Harry would like to improve the Cafe areas and improve the mental health and learning support within the+ College. He also strives to make the College more diverse, inclusive and accepting. Harry has Autism which means he has excellent attention to detail. 

Sport and Enrichment Officer - Veronica Fromberg
Veronica is in charge of all clubs and enrichment within the College. So please speak to her if you have a new club idea or if you would like to join an existing club/socieity. 

Equality, Diversity and Interfaith Officer - Daisy Wu
Daisy looks forward to meeting fellow students and can speak in Mandarin and English and is open to talk to anyone in either language! 

Student Life/Sustainability Officer - Aurora Tolhurst
Aurora would like to focus on the needs and wants of fellow students along with making the College more eco-friendly as possible. 

Secretary - Sadie Hass
Sadie will be tackling SU visibility and timetabling. If you have any concerns Sadie would love you to reach out to her if you have any issues or concerns.