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Hi, we're the Students' Union here at St Brendan's and we aim to make your life easier.

We're the people to look for to get your message across; whether it's any questions you have or activities you want to make happen. 

The management genuinely cares about student life, which is why we’re here to keep them informed and help you to have a bit of fun when you’re not dealing with mountains of homework (which is an unfortunate side effect of getting a good education).

Throughout the year we’ll be organising College parties, gigs, charity events and anything else we feel is needed; we’ll see where our imagination takes us!

If you ever want to talk to us around College go ahead, we don't bite. Email us at or leave us a message with the Student Liaison Officer.

See you around College, and we look forward to meeting you!

President - Bee Channing-Cone 

Bee hopes to make College a more enjoyable experience for all students, as well as helping to support the community.

Vice-President - Val Nair 

Val aims to create a safer, more accepting environment for all students, focusing on education as a form to tackle ignorant stemmed hate speech. If you need any help relating to student union activities, Val is more than happy to help.

Communications Officer - Tianna Biddick

Tanner loves to promote celebrations and days important to the student body! From clubs to petitions, Tanner would love to speak to you and help you get your views realised. 

Sport and Enrichment Officer - Lorena Pal 

I would like to inspire students to reach out of their comfort zone and experiment with activities or clubs, and I am always listening for student requests on events/clubs e.g tournaments.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Officer - Samiya Hussein

Samiya would like to increase religious and cultural celebration around our College, through decoration, informative social media and more! As well as ensuring all toilets are fully stocked with sanitary and menstrual products at all times.

Student Life/Sustainability Officer - Hazel Eastham 

Hazel is keen to improve the wellbeing of the College populace in any way possible, as well as focus on improving the sustainability of how the College is run. She would love it if students would reach out to her with any ideas for how to make College a better place to learn and thrive.

Events & Fundraising Officer - Archad Ibrahim  

Archad would like to have a diverse range of events and fundraisers set throughout the year whilst also ensuring that students have the most enjoyable time at sixth form. If you have any ideas or general queries, please feel free to ask!

Student Governor - Dan Smith

Dan sits on the College's Board of Governors and acts as a representative for the student body. He hopes to improve social spaces around the College site and further facilitate staff-student communication.

Secretary - Eddie Gwilliam

Eddie hopes to contribute to improving College life wherever possible, and to help the SU as a whole to do so more easily through good planning and organisation.