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This course has most similarity with the study of History and Politics. It is appropriate for students who are interested in modern society and who enjoy conveying their ideas in writing.

Sociologists produce theories to explain human behaviour (Functionalism, Marxism, Feminism, etc.) and students must be prepared to study these theories and the related research in detail.

There is a great deal of reading and essay based assessment; students must be able to interpret essay titles and produce coherent, fluent essays. It is essential that they develop analytical and evaluative skills in relation to both empirical and theoretical data.

Methods of Teaching and Learning

The course is taught by well qualified members of staff. Lectures, discussions, written assignments, videos, presentations and tests, are all part of the learning programme.

Methods of Assessment

The course will be examined in the following pattern:

Paper 1:

Education with Theory and Methods

  • Role and functions of the education system
  • Differential educational achievement
  • Relationships and processes within schools
  • Significance of educational policies
  • Apply sociological research methods to the study of education


2 hour written paper

33.3% of total


Paper 2: (Topics in Sociology)

Families and households

  • Relationship of the family to the social structure
  • Changing patterns of marriage, cohabitation, separation, divorce etc.
  • Gender roles, domestic labour and power relationships
  • The nature of childhood
  • Demographic trends in the United Kingdom

Beliefs in Society

  • Ideology, science and religion
  • Religious organisations
  • Relationship between different social groups and religious/spiritual organisations
  • Significance of religion and religiosity in the contemporary world


2 hour written paper


33.3% of total


Paper 3:

Crime and deviance with Theory and methods

  • Crime, deviance, social order and social control
  • Social distribution of crime and deviance by ethnicity, gender and social class
  • Globalisation and crime in contemporary society
  • Crime control, surveillance, prevention and punishment
  • Continue to explore sociological research methods


2 hour written paper


33.3% of total


Course Combinations

Sociology combines well with any other academic subject. It is not recommended to take it as a third A-level in conjunction with only practical subjects.


Support for student learning is provided by extensive online documents and video extracts.

The Library provides access to the Internet and is well stocked with Sociology books and reference works.

Students will be advised which textbooks are most useful for their studies.


The A-level in Sociology provides a sound basis for students who wish to proceed to Higher Education as well as being a useful background for careers in nursing, social work, health care, education, public relations, the media, personnel, police, law and the leisure industry.  Sociology combines well with most other subjects.


Students will need to purchase a text book costing approximately £25 for the first year of the course. Beyond this there may be occasional visits or conferences. 

Financial support is available through the College Bursary Fund.

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