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Do you have an interest in Hispanic society, culture, traditions and politics, which add colour to Spanish-speaking countries? Do you enjoy constructing your own arguments in a foreign language? Are you keen to participate in discussions and good at listening to others? Then A-level Spanish is for you!

The A-level is a two-year linear course with all assessments at the end of Year 2.

In 2023 40% of A-level Spanish students achieved A*-A which exceeded national benchmarks. 100% of students achieved A*-C. As well as this, student progress was significantly higher than national benchmarks.

Course Content

Year 1 content

  • Aspects of Hispanic Society: Cyberspace; Traditional and Modern Values; Gender Equality
  • Artistic culture in the Hispanic World: Art heritage; The regions of Spain; the Influence of Celebrities
  • One book
  • Grammar

Year 2 content

  • Aspects of Political Life in the Hispanic World: Monarchies and Dictatorships; Strikes and Protests; Young People of Today
  • Multiculturalism in Hispanic Society: Immigration; Racism; Living Together
  • One film
  • Grammar
  • Individual research project on a topic of your choice linked to a Spanish speaking country

The A-level includes an element of translation both ways, so your competence in English is vital.

For more information, please visit the AQA website. 

Methods of Teaching, Learning and Assessment

You will be tutored by well-qualified and experienced staff. You often work in pairs or small groups, as well as being encouraged to show initiative in your private study. Good progress is made by use of the target language in the classroom. Your attendance and achievement are monitored regularly. Targets are set regularly throughout the course to help you focus on achievement and progress. Independent learning is an integral part of the course.

Method of Assessment

The four language skills - listening, reading, writing and speaking - are assessed regularly through internal tests and by final examination.


You will be given opportunities throughout the year to go on trips to the cinema, theatre, universities and conferences. You can also complete interactive activities to enrich your knowledge and your teacher will direct you through this. You can also choose to go on a work experience placement, intensive course or exchange to Spain. In addition, you will have the opportunity to mentor school pupils during their course and involve yourself in various learning activities. By doing so, you will be passing your love of the Spanish language and culture to local youngsters.


Key Skills

You will have numerous opportunities to develop your communication skills through written and verbal expression of your own ideas in whole class, small group and one-to-one situations. Use of information technology and independent study are integral to the course.


The courses are supported by textbooks, DVDs, podcasts and a wide variety of authentic material as well as television and radio broadcasts and internet resources. The College’s Virtual Learning Environment allows you to access podcasts, videos, homework, class work and a wide range of resources prepared and selected by your teachers. We also have the platform e-streaming with documentaries and films.

You will be expected to purchase some books to be used in class and at home.


Many students of this College have gone on to study a combined degree of Spanish and many other subjects, or a degree in Spanish.

Equally, studying Spanish will open your door to many other degrees where the skills acquired in the course are valued: Criminology, Law, Accountancy, History and many more. Other students have found the communication skills and global outlook very useful in apprenticeships and the world of work straight after College.

A foreign language qualification is also considered to be a most valuable asset by employers in a range of occupations within the fields of engineering, medicine, diplomacy, the sciences and many others.

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Spanish has been added to My Courses