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This course is a one-year vocational course that allows a sports industry enthusiast to develop the knowledge and skills required to support progression on to a Level 3 programme of study or to progress in to employment within the Sports & Leisure industry.

The course structure is designed to develop and extend underlying knowledge that underpins all study within the sports field; allow students to draw together and apply learning in a vocational context; provide a broader and deeper understanding of the sector, employment and careers; provide opportunity for work experience within the sports industry and to deepen and enhance practical application of vocational skills.

This course is equivalent to 2 or 3 GCSEs.

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Course Content

Units to be studied (please note units are subject to change)

Unit Number

Unit Title

How Assessed

Unit 1

Fitness for Sport and Exercise

External Assessment

(1 hour online test)

Unit 2

Practical Sports Performance

Internal Assessment

Unit 7

Anatomy and Physiology for Sports Performance

External Assessment

(1 hour online test)

Unit 5

Training for Personal Fitness

Internal Assessment

Unit 6

Leading Sports Activities

Internal Assessment

Unit 4

The Sports Performer in Action

Internal Assessment

Unit 10

Injury and the Sports Performer

Internal Assessment

Unit 18

Expedition Experience

Internal Assessment / Expedition

Unit 13

Profiling Sports Performance

Internal Assessment

Unit 24

Work Experience in Sport

Internal Assessment

Methods of Teaching, Learning and Assessment

Students will benefit from a wide range of teaching methods inclusive of lectures, peer work, presentations, practical study, individual project design, case study work, visiting speakers, and use of individual experience to reflect and learn. During the course students will be helped to develop their research skills and complete coursework by the deadlines given.

Method of Assessment

This course offers a range of both internal and external assessment.

  • Internal Assessment: In general, internal assessment is coursework based and students will complete a range of activities within each unit to evidence their learning.
  • External Assessment: In line with new guidelines, the course features two units that are externally assessed. This assessment takes the form of an online test that is set and marked by EDEXCEL. Students will be given sufficient tutor support and guidance in the build-up to each test to feel confident in their answers. Students should be aware that there will be a requirement to complete revision and homework in order to achieve in these external assessments.


The vocational nature of this course enables students to develop their sport specific knowledge alongside their main studies.

During the course of their studies, students will be provided with the opportunity to enhance their learning and CV through activities such as NGB Coaching Qualifications.

All students will be expected to take part in the sports enrichment within the college.


Sports Students at St Brendan’s have access to an excellent range of facilities which are used to support their learning. These include: A multi-purpose sports hall and outdoor facilities; fitness suite; teaching rooms and IT facilities.

Additional course costs

During the course, students are charged for printing and revision books can be purchased. Costs for any trips or course, which students are expected to attend, may also be charged.

Personal, Learning and Thinking Skills

Students will have an opportunity to develop personal, learning and thinking skills through the diversity of teaching methods used and the breadth of units covered. This is inclusive of presentations, leading sports sessions, preparing reports to mention just a few.

Alongside the Sport programme, students will have the opportunity to undertake a variety of additional courses that prepare them for employment in the industry. Examples of these courses include Emergency First Aid at Work & Sports Coaching qualifications.

What can I do next?

Many students who come to study on the Level 2 Sport Certificate/Extended Certificate have an ambition to go on to study at Level 3 (A-level equivalent). To do so, they must achieve a minimum of MERIT overall in their studies, demonstrate an attendance of 90%+ on the course and, where applicable, achieve at least a ‘one grade improvement’ on their English and Mathematics courses.

Where can this course lead?

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Sport L2 (apply via ATL3) has been added to My Courses