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20th May 2024

Students at St Brendan’s Sixth Form College in Brislington celebrated in the sunshine last week, as they enjoyed St Brendan’s Day and celebrated their stand-out stars at their Good Samaritan Awards.

With the intention of recognising generous acts of kindness and the caring nature of post-16 students, the awards are a celebration of the hard work which students selflessly embark upon outside of the classroom. As the only Sixth Form College in the Bristol/Bath region and home to over 2,000 A-level and BTEC students, St Brendan’s works hard to ensure that individuals are celebrated and achievement is not lost amongst the crowd; the Good Samaritan Awards are one way that the College does this. The awards are combined with St Brendan’s Day, which is an opportunity for the College to reflect on its ethos and community of caring, ambitious individuals.

Winner of the 2023/24 Good Samaritan Award was 19-year-old Samiya Hussein. As the College’s Student Union Officer for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, Samiya has spent her time at St Brendan’s making sure everyone feels supported and celebrated. The College’s Student Enrichment Officer, Beth Wilson commented, “She consistently demonstrates empathy and understanding, making her approachable and supportive in any situation. She does not just assist when asked; she seeks out opportunities to lend a helping hand, anticipating the needs of her peers and members of staff.”

Samiya’s efforts to ensure everyone feels welcome and included have extended beyond the College gates, with work experience in Burgess Salmon's HR department spent developing awareness and support for dyslexia, an internship with local charity South Bristol Youth and becoming a Media Representative for Bristol City Youth Council.

Principal of St Brendan’s, Marian Curran said on the event, “The Good Samaritan award recognises those who embody kindness, compassion, and selflessness, making our community a better place through their unwavering support and dedication to others. This year, we honour Samiya for her unwavering commitment to these values. Her amazing efforts, from raising awareness on EDI issues to offering support to her peers, have profoundly impacted those around her, exemplifying the true spirit of the Good Samaritan. It was a pleasure to be able to celebrate the day with all of our students and our guests.”