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This subject is designed to appeal to students who are interested in studying a wide range of texts from spoken language texts to contemporary novels, as it brings together the study of literature and language. You will study and understand different genres of writing and develop the skills needed for close linguistic analysis and recreative writing.

In 2023 66.7% of A-level English Language and Literature students achieved A*-B. This exceeded national benchmarks by 21.1%. 100% of students achieved A*-C. of As well as this, student progress was significantly higher than national benchmarks.


Course Content

Texts you will study include drama such as A Streetcar Named Desire by Tennessee Williams; poetry from a selection by Carol Ann Duffy; novels such as The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood and The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini; and a large selection of non-fiction writing taken from an anthology of writing based on Paris.

To enjoy and be successful in this course, you need to be willing to read a wide range of texts and be interested in exploring the detail of texts, using a linguistic framework approach. You will be interested in exploring how writers present ideas about place and how the theme of conflict is presented.

Teaching, Learning and Assessment

You will engage with a wide range of learning activities whichever English course you decide to do, including group discussions, independent study, presentations and research projects. We aim to provide a varied and rich curriculum and encourage all students to participate in enrichment opportunities offered, including theatre trips, visits, workshops and visiting speakers.

This course follows a two-year linear specification. The exams at the end of two years are worth 80% of the A-level and all students are required to submit a coursework element which is worth 20% of the A-level. You will be assessed formally and informally over the two years through terminology tests, analytical essays, presentations, discussions, and creative writing pieces.


You will work from booklets, shared resources on Teams, worksheets and textbooks. Online platforms are also used to support your learning. You will be expected to purchase your own set texts. Support may be available to buy texts through the College bursary. You can expect to spend about £25 - £40 on your set texts (many of the books are available second hand). You will also need to budget for stationery, equipment and educational visits.


English studies combine well with a wide range of other subjects. Through studying English, you develop high quality communication skills and all courses offer you the opportunity to develop your skills of critical analysis. These skills are highly transferable and support a wide range of progression routes, whether in higher education or in employment.


There are no course charges, but there is an expectation that students who are able to afford to buy their own text books should do so. If theatre trips and educational visits are arranged, these will also need to be paid for.

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English Language and Literature has been added to My Courses