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A-levels explained

A-levels are subject-based academic qualifications. They are a level up from GCSEs and are studied over 2 years at St Brendan's.

St Brendan’s offers students a choice of 36 different A-level subjects. A-levels are highly valued by employers and universities alike and offer a great route to degree level study. Each A-level earns UCAS tariff points, which count toward entry for university.

A-levels provide a great opportunity for students to continue studying their favourite GCSE subjects in more depth and students often study subjects they know they are good at or enjoy at GCSE level. A-levels are also a fantastic opportunity for students to study subjects they may not have had a chance to study at school – subjects such as Psychology, Sociology and Public Services and Law for example. These A-levels do not require students to have studied them before coming to St Brendan’s.

A-levels usually involve an emphasis on exam assessments, but do include a mixture of exams and coursework over the two year programme of study.