Level 3 Study

St Brendan's currently has around 1570 students on a Level 3 programme at College. 

Level 3 study is the next step on from GCSEs whereby students study A-level subjects (or BTEC equivalents). Students will be on a Level 3 programme for 2 years, with most progressing onto university, a higher-level apprenticeship or the world of work after completion. 

Entry Requirements

To access a Level 3 study programme, students will need to have a minimum of 5 GCSEs at Grades 9-4 (or equivalent) including English Language. BTECs must be a Merit grade or above and will count as 1 GCSE equivalent. Some courses may have additional entry requirements - see individual course pages for full details. 

Study Routes

There are two study routes at Level 3 and the one which you will follow will be determined by how well you do in your GCSEs and by your school reports.

As a guide, if your average GCSE grade is 6.8 or above (mainly grades 9-6) you will follow the Advanced Graduate Programme (AGP) and study 4 subjects or 3 subjects plus EPQ (other accompanying courses may be available).

If your average GCSE grade is 6.7 or below (mainly grades 6-4) you will follow the Standard Programme and take 3 subjects. However, special consideration will be given to students whose parents/carers did not go to university, who have an average GCSE grade of 6.5 or above. 

Study Programmes

Study Programmes