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St Brendan's Theatre

ARTICULATE: Acting for Camera

Wednesday 19th June 2024 at 14:30

Acting for Camera Workshop

  • Time: 14:30 
  • Location: St Brendan's Theatre 

Are you an aspiring Actor? Presenter? Host? This Acting for Camera workshop, delivered by the West Acting Workshop, set up by ITV. You will learn skills needed to deliver to camera and learn how it feels to present on screen. 

Please note - we have limited spaces on this workshop. Sign up here!

What is Articulate?

Articulate is a series of events and free workshops for you at St Brendan's, where you can submit your work and learn new skills.

Improve your public speaking and creative skills by creating a podcast and learning how to record, submit your work to be performed by other students, support our performing arts students and Youth Talks participants, or come and work with the West Acting Workshop (set up by ITV) in their Acting for Camera workshop!