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Students' Union

Hi, we’re the Student Union team here at St Brendan’s, and we aim to make your time at college more enjoyable and to make sure your voice is heard! If you have questions, queries or suggestions to bring forward to us we have an open door policy and are always eager to talk to you, the students. We want to act as a bridge between you and SMT (Senior Management Team) We are based in the Student Union (SU) Hub which is in Cafe Max. Throughout the year we will be organising charity events, gigs, college socials and anything else you suggest to us. Contact us via our College emails on

We offer a variety of enrichment activities in and around college, including an assortment of sports clubs and societies such as Rugby, Pride, Robotics, Social Justice & Action, Netball and Student Ambassadors.

With so many different groups to choose from, you can select enrichment activities to enhance your knowledge, support your subjects, or because you feel strongly about a cause.

Whatever your choice, you are sure to make more friends and learn new skills that will increase your employability and enhance your personal statement – you’ll also have fun along the way!

St Brendan’s holds a Fresher’s Fair at the beginning of the year in September, all activities are represented there and you are welcome to sign up for whatever interests you.

Get to know our 2022 - 2023 Student Union 

President of the Student Union

Hello, I'm Harry Keaveney and I am the new student union president. During my time as president I have an ambition to improve the college for all students and to be a voice for everyone. I will largely focus on finally tackling the issues in the Cafes and improving the mental health and learning support provisions in the College. This is on top of making the College more diverse, inclusive and accepting. I have autism which means I have a talent for attention to detail, I am extremely dedicated and I like to help people. My Autism will allow me to better represent fellow students and to implement change ona greater scale due to my dedication and unique view of College.

Vice President of the Student Union

Hi I am Jess Carter, I study Psychology, English Literature, Art and also a EPQ.
I aim to make College a more colourful and an even nicer place to be with your friends on breaks to have a good space to relax in between lessons with more displays of student talent. 

Sustainabillity and student life officer of the Student Union

Hi I'm Aurora and I am the new sustainability and student life officer. I currently study Performing Arts (Musical Theatre) and Politics. This year I want to focus on the needs and wants of the student body and make sure that there is an effort to make the College as eco-friendly as possible!

Student Governer of the Student Union

Hi I'm Lucinda your student governer! I currently study Music Performance, Music Tech and Modern History and I am hoping to study popular Music Performance and Song Writing in London once I leave College.
I love making new friends and meeting new people. I can't wait to meet you all and be your student governor! 

Equality, Diversity and Interfaith Officer of the Student Union

Hello students, my name is Daisy and I will be your EDI officer. I look forward to meeting you all. I can also speak Mandarin and English so I am more than happy to converse in either language. If ever you need me, I will be in the SU office or in the Learning Development department. Please feel free to say hello in person or via email.
I currently study, Sociology, History Britain & USA, Criminology along with an ASDAN EPQ.
One fun fact about me is that I study fashion history in my free time!

Secretary of the Student Union

Hi, I am Sadie and I am this year's Student Union secretary. I study History, Politics and English Language, if you ever see someone wearing a frog hat in College then that's probably me! This year I want to tackle SU visiblity and timetabling and if there's ever anything you want to approach the SU about, you can always talk to me :)

Sports and Enrichment Officer of the Student Union

Hi, I am V! I study French, Psychology and Drama. I am in charge of all of the clubs and enrichment in the College. I am a Swedish INFP and a Cancer if you care about that sort of thing. If you have any questions at all, I am always here even if my lack of facial expressions makes it look like I am mad 24/7.

Communications Officer of the Student Union

Hi I am Keira and I will be running the SU's Instagram account @stbrnstudentunion
So if you have any questions, queries, problems or just want a chat please just DM me.
I really love Red Dead, Redemption 2 and I study Photography, Music Tech and Film Studies. 

Student Union Hub

Student Union Hub