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26th February 2024

We have an exciting week ahead of us at the College! Each year our students nominate and vote for a charity to support during Raising and Giving (RAG) week. This year’s chosen charity is the Bristol Autism Project (BAP) – a fantastic group that run free activities for children and their families during the school holidays.

Throughout the week our SU will be hosting a number of events to help raise money, including a raffle, bake sale, basketball challenge and movie marathon! As well as keeping the College entertained, the SU will also be raising awareness for the cause and ensuring everyone knows the impact their donations will have.

We caught up with 2 of our students who both have autism to get their thoughts on the College’s decision to support BAP for RAG week.

Lily “I think it’s great that we’ve chosen to raise money for an autistic charity, and it will be good to increase awareness of autism in general. I sometimes find people just imagine a particular stereotype when they think of someone who is autistic, but it’s different for everyone. It can be hard but there’s lots of great things about living with autism, like I can use my ability to fixate to drive me to achieve my goals. For example, all I’ve ever wanted to do is work with horses, and I’ve just accepted an equine place at Hartpury! It makes me feel really creative too, like I can see and hear things other people can’t.”

Frazer “I’m really happy that the College is supporting BAP. Outside of College I work as a volunteer for another group that supports autistic children and their families, called Butterfly Haven, so I know how much of an impact the money will have. I started volunteering when I was doing the Duke of Edinburgh award. I really enjoy volunteering, it is great for my CV and I’ve made lots of friends by doing it.”

Along with raising money, we’re also collecting stationery and hot chocolate for BAP – so if you would like to add to these donations, please take them to the SU hub.