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16th December 2015

A group of Modern Foreign Language students recently had a visit from a man who came to this country as an asylum seeker. 

The class listening to the guest

The class listening to the guest

In a lesson on immigration, the group listened to his shocking story of how he travelled to the UK. The strong and interesting visitor is now supported by Borderlands in Bristol; an organisation which works with people seeking asylum in the UK, and visited the College along with two Borderlands representatives. A Modern Foreign Language student told us about the visitor:

"The story told by the asylum seeker can only be described as heartbreaking. Hearing what he had been through really made me realise just how lucky I am. It has changed my outlook on everything that I used to take for granted; time spent with family and friends, everyday essentials and most of all, my safety. I could never imagine having to choose between leaving absolutely everything or my own inevitable death. The stunned silence as he was telling everyone of his journey highlighted how distressing it really was. I cannot help but respect this man for his bravery and express admiration towards the charity for their extreme efforts in helping others in similar situations."