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28th March 2024

First and foremost, I would like to extend my heartfelt wishes of Ramadan Mubarak to all those participating in the holy traditions of this blessed month!

As a Muslim student who is navigating through my academic journey at a Catholic Sixth Form College, some might assume that adjustments to accommodate mine and other Muslim students’ needs during this significant period would be challenging. However, it has been pleasant to yet again experience the proactive efforts made to support us during our journey.

Throughout the year, our College has had a designated prayer area in place, which has been the source of comfort for many students. I hugely appreciate the importance of an adequate and quaint space provided for prayer especially during Ramadan. The College has gone a step further by arranging a temporary second prayer room. This thoughtful gesture ensures that all students have the opportunity to engage in prayer and reflection without feeling overcrowded or rushed.

As well as this the provision of a ‘food-free zone’ for fasting students during lunch breaks has been particularly appreciated. This designated space not only allows us to comfortably relax, but also creates a welcoming environment for us to enjoy each other’s company. This has fostered a sense of inclusivity and understanding among students of diverse backgrounds and beliefs. Furthermore, this area has become a valuable space for students with shared cultural practises to come together, bond over common experiences and create new relationships. This space has catered to the practical needs of fasting students and has nurtured a sense of community and belonging within our College environment.

Additionally, the heightened cultural awareness surrounding Ramadan within the College community has been truly uplifting. Through various initiatives such as informative social media output outlining the significance of Ramadan in Islam and educational materials. Delving into the teachings of the prophets, from informative posters highlighting the significance of Ramadan in Islam to educational materials on the prophets, these initiatives have not only fostered a greater understanding but also instilled a sense of pride in our traditions. These efforts have not only deepened our knowledge but have also sparked meaningful conversations, filling gaps in understanding and fostering an environment of respect and inclusivity.

Thanks to these inclusive measures, my college experience during Ramadan has been remarkably smooth and rewarding. Despite the challenges of fasting, I have found a harmonious balance between my academic responsibilities, social engagements, and personal reflection. Each day feels just as fulfilling and enriching as any other day of the year, thanks to the supportive environment provided by the College community. These adjustments have not only supported my religious practises but have also enhanced my overall college experience.

Once again, I extend my heartfelt wishes of Ramadan to each and every individual within our community. As we embark on our personal journeys for self-reflection, letting us to embrace the opportunity to come together and celebrate the blessings of this holy month. May this Ramadan be a time of profound spiritual growth, overflowing with an abundance of blessings, peace, and inner fulfilment for all.

Written by Samiya (Student Union Officer for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion)